Growy.me is for those who love to develop and develop others.

We are engaged in human development in various areas, such as relationships and family, health, financial literacy, career advancement, environmental improvement, creativity, personal growth, recreation, etc.

Development methods can be different: online and offline trainings (webinars), online marathons (access to daily tasks is opened), ready-made video tutorials, useful articles, creating interest clubs, mentoring and mentoring, personal and group coaching.

All this is done so that people become harmoniously developed, happy, so that they live a full life.

Founding Team


Vyacheslav Kan

Founder of the most popular trading platform in Uzbekistan Torg.uz (olx.uz). Founder of the career guidance and development center MyWay. Founder of the Korean business club "Koryoin". Public figure.


Nadejda Nee

CEO of the most popular school of robotics in Uzbekistan "RoboKidz", co-founder of the school for young entrepreneurs "Nest". International government translator. Ten years of experience in building effective client-agent networks.


Timur Azamatov

It-entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Co-founder of the most popular school of robotics in Uzbekistan "RoboKidz", School of Young Entrepreneurs "Nest". Former head of the MUIC Innovation Center in Uzbekistan.


Artur Pak-Vartanyan

Certified international coach, business trainer in public speaking skills and personal effectiveness development. Consultant on the formation of the company's business ideology.

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